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Advancing healthcare that reflects the values of an informed public.

Public deliberation.
Today's healthcare policy issues are rife with conflicting priorities and uncomfortable trade-offs. Capturing the public's voice requires deliberative processes: exposing individuals to unbiased information, feasible options, an opportunity to present one's views and understand the views of others. This is the heart of what we do.

Independent. Non-profit. Non-partisan.
We do not take sides, blame others nor claim to know the best way forward for quality, affordable healthcare. We do know that when given the opportunity, the public can consider thorny problems with reason and clarity, if not with unanimity.

Engage your public. We can help.
When you are ready to ask your members, employees, constituents, colleagues or community to weigh in on a difficult healthcare issue, contact us.

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We've Moved!

CHCD Director participates on Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) webinar, Facilitating Deliberative Discussion Groups. (June 2013)

CHCD co-authors report on public deliberation for AHRQ. (March 2013)

Institute of Medicine workshop on Patient Engagement included presentation on "Seeking the Citizen Voice." (February 2013)

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